Experience My Goals (with Binaural Beats)

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  • Why we created this? (Exactly same as Experience My Goals except infused with Binaural Beats) 
    Success! This recording is a mini coach between your ears. Heather's clients pressed her to produce this because honestly they needed it to stay motivated between sessions. So, when you need a super gulp of encouragement there is the 15-minute track. When you want to savor each feeling and ‘smell the roses’ listen to the 45-minute track. 

    Why people love it?
    First, we lather up your emotions with vivid imagery and then slather deluxe affirmations all over your mind. This scrub-a-dub-dub takes care of any negative grunge on the road to victory.

    How people use it?
    We suggest no less than 3 times per week to keep your goals sparkling. By recreating the feelings and pictures of success over and over science has shown you create new neuronal pathways in your brain. Just think of it as building your highway to success and being able to handle the curves along the way.

  • Total Running Time: 60 Minutes

    Experience My Goals (45 Minutes): This is the full length version.

    Experience My Goals (15 Minutes): This is designed for when you don't have time to listen to the full version.

    Created and Narrated by Heather Hayward.

    Composed and Produced by Jonathan J. Beaudette

  • This audio recording has ALPHA-state, THETA-state and a ALPHA/THETA-state (for subliminal recording) brainwaves.

    Utilizing ALPHA frequencies promotes: Creativity, Concentration, Light Relaxation

    ALPHA brainwaves release these Bio-chemicals: Acetylcholine, Dopamine: that regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, heart efficiency, emotional well-being, and growth hormone

    Utilizing THETA frequencies promotes: Enhanced memory, inspiration, Visualization

    THETA brainwaves release these Bio-chemicals: Melatonin, Serotonin: that regulate hormones, sleep wake cycle, blood pressure, moods, and appetite.

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