Meditation Music: Master Series I

  • Why we created this?
    Uniqueness! We saw and heard the need for meditation music that was actually soothing and useful. We wanted to make music that let your mind be free, not obligated to pay attention to the music. So, Jonathan Beaudette created a Sound Hammock for your Soul to sink in to and align with your True Nature.

    Why people love it?
    It is like a Cosmic Cuddle! The music gently slips your mind into a sanctuary of open stillness, and the music can never be memorized, and therefore is ideal for daily practice. The tones are gently soothing and harmonically aligned to the resonance of the Earth, for a grounded yet uplifting experience.

    How people use it?
    When you need to feel soothed and re-inspired. Meditation, relaxation, massage, healing work, mindfulness and creative activities.

  • Track 1: Total Running Time: 60 Minutes. The Master Series is the 1 hour, non-looped, full-length of original music. The companion album to this is the Meditation Music: Vol.1 Series, which is the same music, but cut into a 10-minute, 20-minute and 30-minute version. This makes it easy to have a timed meditation or session.

    Composed and Produced by Jonathan J. Beaudette

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