My Meditation Music

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  • Why we created this?
    After we created My Meditation, we loved it so much we decided to release a version without narration. It is the exact same music used in My Meditation but some days you don't want to hear any words. In Heather's practice, she uses these recordings with different brainwaves to support her clients entering a deep state of relaxation.

    Why people love it?
    This takes the work out of setting a timer. Just hit play and you are there!

    How people use it?
    When you need to meditate, be creative, or relax. You get a 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-minute tracks of different music on this album. 

  • Total Running Time: 50 Minutes

                        Track 1 - Catch My Breath (5 Minutes)

                        Track 2 - Clear My Head (10 Minutes)

                        Track 3 - Change My Focus (15 Minutes)

                        Track 4 - Calm My Mind (20 Minutes)

    Composed and Produced by Jonathan J. Beaudette 

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